Birkenshaw CE (C) Primary School

Birkenshaw CE (C) Primary School images

Staff List 


Headteacher Mrs R Martin

 Deputy Headteacher Mrs K Hainsworth

Assistant Headteacher Mr I Tobin  

School Staff

Year               Class Teacher Support Staff
Nursery Sunrise & Sunset   

Miss C Chipchase

Mrs A Elliott

 Mrs G Gray

 Mrs AM Coy

Reception Galaxy Miss S Pinder

 Mrs S McIntosh 

Reception Milky Way

Miss R Fox


 Mrs T Poutney 

 Mrs AM Coy

 Mr D Hodgson

Year 1 Mercury

Miss E Bottomley


 Mrs A Green

Year 1 Venus

Miss S Mackrill

Mrs J Convery

 Mrs K Guy

 Mrs A Pinchin-Barnett

Year 2 Earth

Mrs K Hainsworth

Mrs J Convery 

 Mrs S Hirst

Year 2 Mars

Mrs E Hosier


 Miss C Wing

Year 3 Jupiter

Miss H Farmer

 Mrs J Hilton

Year 3 Saturn Mrs A Wightman

 Mrs M Mercer

Year 4 Pluto Mr M Fielder

 Mrs T Hill

Year 4 Neptune Mrs R Charrosin

 Mrs C Priest

Year 5 Hydra Mrs A Walsh

 Mrs N Robinson


Year 5 Callisto Mrs F Cherryholme

 Mrs A Mitchell

Year 6 Triton Miss H Jackson

 Mrs S Goldspink

Year 6 Europa Mrs S Margetts

 Mrs R Hutchinson

 Mr D Hodgson

PPA Cover/ ICT Teacher:   Mr M Holt

 Cover Supervisors:  Mrs N Carter & Miss E Warrington

                           Learning Mentor: Mrs D Kershaw                              

Business Manager: Mrs J Frost 

Clerical/Admin Officers:   Mrs S Mitchell & Mrs D Crowther

Additional Lunchtime Staff: Mrs L Hamill

 Caretaker: Mr M Dowgill

Breakfast Club:  Mrs T Lee, Mrs L Hamill, Mr D Hodgson & Miss B Cooke

After School Club: Mrs N Robinson, Mrs A Green, Miss C Wing, Mrs T Lee & Mrs G Gray

 Mr Holt and Sports coaches, from Velocity Primary services, will cover staff Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time.