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COVID - 19

Many children in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six have now returned to school. They have enjoyed being back in school with their friends and teachers. It has been great for us to see their smiling faces and hear their laughter once again. 

Gavin Williamson has now announced that Primary Schools are no longer being asked to open to children in Y2, Y3, Y4 or Y5 for the last 4 weeks of this term. This is because the Government now recognises that schools do not have the capacity to do so. 

We have considered whether we can offer a school place for any additional year groups but at present we feel it is unsafe to do this. We have only just welcomed the children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 back to school and it is too soon for us to monitor the impact of this on the whole school community. We need to ensure that the children who have already returned to school continue to stay safe and well before we look at increasing the numbers of children in school. 

 Alongside this, we also need to consider space and staffing. Because children have to be taught in smaller groups (bubbles) of up to 15 we have used most of our classrooms and all our staff to facilitate this for the year groups who are currently in school. This means we do not have the space or staff available to open for other year groups. 

Having said all of the above, I am extremely aware of how frustrated many of you will be after hearing the Government announcement. It seems unfair that only certain year groups are allowed to return to school whilst others have to continue with home learning. 

I am mindful of the impact of this on the children's emotional wellbeing and mental health as well as their academic ability. Whilst our home learning will continue, we will also look at ways we can support the children's emotional wellbeing and mental health and prepare them for transition.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me 

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time. 

Stay safe. 

Mrs Martin